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  • Flashmobbing the news…

    No Comments June 26, 2009

    Ok, a couple of days ago, I had something of an epiphany about how I find out about things… I originally heard about the first plane hitting the World Trade Center from a friend via an email & … more

  • Learning Arduino…

    June 24, 2009

    So I’ve been reading all about the Arduino microcontroller board and what it can do for quite a while -- between Make Magazine, their blog and a few other sites on my daily RSS Feed rotation ( … more

  • Tilt-shift Movie

    No Comments June 19, 2009

    I’ve seen his work done a few other times ( but this one is really cool and has a story in it.

    If you have never seen the tilt-shift photography – this is … more

  • This is my house…

    No Comments June 16, 2009

    Yes, this is the chair in my office if I get up to go to the bathroom or get a drink… for that matter, if I get up to get a book off the shelf right behind me…

    Demotivator - … more

  • Random Sunday Pictures

    No Comments March 30, 2009

    Had a lazy morning and a good breakfast, then remembered that I had promised a friend that I would help get is car working again (oops, Sorry, John – I did make it though)…

    So, I got to … more

  • Formatting Single WebParts with CSS

    No Comments March 6, 2009

    This is “note to self” post…

    Found this in an article on Heather Solomon's blog... It is possible to use just CSS to format individual WebParts (or Part Zones) with just CSS- … more