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No Comments March 30, 2009

Had a lazy morning and a good breakfast, then remembered that I had promised a friend that I would help get is car working again (oops, Sorry, John – I did make it though)…

So, I got to venture across town on a beautiful, Sunny, Sunday afternoon, got his car working like a charm (hopefully) and get a few pictures in in the process…

So, Here’s the entire set (is a small one - (March 29th 2009 - Random Photos)

And a few samples after the break...


As we were driving to pickup a new battery, we went by the entrance to the Arrowpointe business center and because of the strong breeze and wonderful sunshine, the flags were just brilliant.  It was a fun capture with me pulled over on the side of the road in the park, wondering how long I had before the police or security came to chase me off…






After I was finished, I had to run by the office to check on the internet connection and pick a few things up – John had driven up there from his house (about 8 miles away) to make sure his car was behaving and I followed him… it looks like it did great (Yea!) and so we parted ways… As I was pulling to the end of Cameron Rd, the Trolley was out so I couldn’t resist – must take pictures.  I almost missed it because it took me a while to get the camera out of the bag – teach me to put it in the back seat, huh.




These last two were of a group that I took, somewhat blindly, as I was merging onto 277 from South Blvd… so I feel lucky with how they turned out…

Hey, at least I didn’t take pictures of my Breakfast… I didn’t think about it until just now.


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